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Being the Chef does not simply means preparing foods. It is an art form. With the growth in hospitality and food service industry,the demands for talented and skilled chefs are on the rise. Here’s a ladder of the chef careers

List Of Chef Careers.

 Baker  Chef De Cuisine  Master Chef  Saucier/Sauce Chef
 Banquet Chef  Chef De Partie  Pastry Chef  Sommelier
 Banquet Cook  Executive Chef  Personal Chef  Sous Chef
 Catering Chef  Garde Manger Chef  Purchasing Manager  Station Chef
 Chef  Line Chef  Regional Chef  Sushi Chef

Culinary Related Careers.

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1. Chef Careers: Baker.

This chef career responsible for the bakeshop in a food service establishment.This chef career ensure that the products produced in the pastry shop meet the quality standards established in conjunction with the Pastry Chef and Executive Chef.

2. Chef Careers: Banquet Chef.

This chef career coordinates and supervises the cooking,plating and setup of buffet tables for all banquet functions to ensure clients’ specifications are adhered to and that the function runs smoothly and efficiently.

3. Chef Careers: Banquet Cook.

This chef career prepares,cooks and plates food for banquets included preparation of a la carte mise en place,plating and garnishing cooked items and preparing appropriate garnishes for menu items.This chef career responsible for maintaining a sanitary kitchen work-station.

4. Chef Careers: Catering Chef.

A catering chef is in charge of preparation of food for special celebrations. The menu is pre-selected by the client. This chef career will be responsible for directing a team that will work in the kitchen, the personnel serving and attending to food stations as well as the buffet setting. Just like other chef careers, the catering chef has excellent combined skills in cooking, baking and food-presentation making sure that it is within the agreed budget. This chef career team must come up with the quality food and attractive presentation. This chef career must also handle problems connected to shortages of food, food preparation mistakes and extra guests. With these responsibilities, this chef career is required to be in good physical shape. This chef career coordinates and supervises the cooking,plating and setup of buffet tables for all catered functions to ensure clients’ specifications are adhered to and that the function runs smoothly and efficiently.

5. Chef Careers: Chef.

This chef career supervises and coordinates activities concerning all back-of-the-house operations and personnel including food preparation,kitchen and storeroom areas.This chef career supervises cooks and food preparation personnel to ensure food adheres to standard of quality including sanitation standards.This chef career also purchases food items,supplies & equipment,plans menu & food production,control costs,hires,discharges,schedules,trains and evaluates back-of-the-house staff. This chef career need to meet clients to plan special menus.

6. Chef Careers: Chef De Cuisine.

This position in the Chef careers occupies the apex. Well-known Chef de Cuisine’s names are engraved in silverware of well-known restaurants and hotels or even embroidered in their washroom towelletes. This chef career is the one responsible of the vision of the whole menu.

7. Chef Careers: Chef De Partie.

The chef de partie or line cook rarely conceptualizes the dishes to be served. However, This chef career is an important part of this chef career that creates and prepares the menu. Being a line chef entails that you have love for food and can work under pressure.This chef career should be able to perform in different stations of the kitchen from grill, sauté, roast, fry and garnish. The chef careers also develops communication skills and move from one to station to another to help others for a timely service of food to customers. This chef career must be well versed on how all the equipment in the stations work. The preparation of these stations is crucial in making the foods taste good and served safely.This chef career will prepare all the meats,soups,vegetables and other foods needed to fulfill the orders of patrons. Some places accept a high school diploma or its equivalent,but experience is certainly needed in this field.Depending on the restaurant,this chef career is sometimes asked to lead and direct the progress of others.This chef career average salary runs between $17,092 and $28,683.

8. Chef Careers: Executive Chef.

The main feature of this chef career is to take supervision on everything that is happening in kitchen during food preparation. The chief Chef designates who is going to perform a particular task and makes sure that it was made the best possible way. This chef career is responsible to do a lot of quality check before the food is served to the client. Secondary to this chef career task is to inspect for the needed equipment and supplies in the kitchen. This chef career also manages the cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation inside the working place.This chef career is a department head who responsible for any and all kitchens in a food services establishments.This chef career need to ensure that all kitchens provide nutritious,safe,eye-appealing,properly prepared and seasoned food.This chef career maintains safe and sanitary work environment for all employees.Other kind of duties including for this chef career is menu planning,budgets,forecasting control of payroll,food cost and other culinary financials. This chef career specific duties involve food preparation and the establishment of SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures),training employees in cooking methods,presentation techniques,portion control and nutritional balance.

9. Chef Careers: Garde Manger Chef.

This chef career is responsible for the preparation and plating of all components of cold appetizer. This chef career prepares cold foods,including salads and dressings,cold hors d’oeuvre(sometimes hot),sandwiches,plating,desserts.This chef career creates specialty items such as ter-rines,pates,platters for banquets and buffets and ice carvings. This chef career task for the preparation of the fruits and vegetables as well as the inspection of the finished products. This chef career must coordinate with the line cook so that meat entrée are usually served along with salad entrée.

10. Chef Careers: Line Chef.

This chef career is the one who supervises a particular kitchen area and reports to the head chef. It is his duty to follow a menu in preparing and cooking vegetables, soups, cereals, gravies, poultry, fish and meats. Part of a line chef’s job description is to be familiar with various kitchen procedures, practices and concepts.
In the United States, the median salary of this chef career is $21, 805.

11. Chef Careers: Master Chef.

This chef career is usually a chef that is accredited professionally and has acquired the title as being a accredited grasp chef. It’s an honor bestowed to all those cooking area warriors who’ve portrayed superb competencies during the cooking area and they’re only handful of all over the world. A chef can generate the label Master Chef when they possess the skilled qualification. The majority of them have professional into the examination executed by a corporation approved to bestow the label of Master Chef. This certification encourages chefs to accomplish excellence inside their decided on area, the culinary arts.

12. Chef Careers: Pastry Chef.

This position in the chef careers occupies the pose that is the same with sous chef, but makes his reign in the pastry section. This chef career section is usually place far away from the hustle and heat of the main kitchen.This chef career responsible for the pastry shop in a food service establishment.This chef career ensures that the products produced in the pastry shop meet the quality standards in conjunction with the Executive Chef.In an establishment,this chef career is usually responsible for pastries,cakes,plated desserts,friandise,breads and bakery items.This chef career may also be responsible for decorative centerpieces such as marzipan figures,pastillage,chocolate sculptures,blown or pulled sugar.This chef career also develops recipes and prepares desserts including cakes,pies,cookies,sauces,glazes and custards.In large establishments,there may be an Executive Pastry Chef.

13. Chef Careers: Personal Chef/Private Chef.

This chef career responsible for the preparation,cooking,serving and sorting of foods on a cook-for-hire basis. This chef career also responsible for menu planning and development,marketing,financial management and operational decisions of private business;provides cooking services to a variety of clients;possesses a thorough knowledge of food safety,sanitation and culinary nutrition.

14. Chef Careers: Purchasing Manager.

A purchasing manager’s duty is to report to the General Manager. He also needs to manage all the activities concerning food service and to handle and monitor trade relations with the suppliers. In addition, he must also be able to address all operation concerns with regard to their material prerequisites.

In accordance with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for this chef career is expected to rise in the year 2018. The average salary of a purchasing manager is $89,160 while its median salary range is from $67,370 – $115,830.

15. Chef Careers: Regional Chef.

This chef career is in charge of planning and creating new menus for more than one eatery found in a particular region. Many duties of this chef career are associated with this sort of job,as a regional chef also trains unit chefs in the art of meal preparation techniques,portion size and nutritional value.A bachelor’s degree in an area of specialty and at least ten years of experience in the field is usually required for this chef career. Yearly salaries for this chef career are seen (on the average) between $69,929 and $137,665.

16. Chef Careers: Saucier/Sauce Chef.

This chef career responsible for all soups,sauces and condiments prepared in the kitchen o a food service establishment. This chef career prepares stock,thickening agents,soups and soup garnishes for a large production kitchen. This chef career also responsible for maintaining a sanitary kitchen workstation.

17. Chef Careers: Sommelier.

A Sommelier or Wine Steward is often a experienced unique who’s educated in regards to wines and frequently located in eating places. This chef career is accountable for the storage and procurement of wines which the eating places supply their consumers. This chef career is additionally is who handles storage rotation of wines, they offer professional suggestions to prospects that are interested in wines along with the generation of wine record to the restaurant.

18. Chef Careers: Sous Chef.

Sous is a French word which means under. A sous chef is an assistant to the Executive Chef.This chef career directing and managing cooks and other kitchen workers and taking over in the absence of the executive chef. This chef career holds the position right below the Chef which means that he is actually second in command in the kitchen. When the Chef is not around, it is the responsibility of the Sous Chef to be in charge of the duties of the Chef. This requires this chef career also be skilled and refined in cooking. This position in the chef careers can be the best stepping stone of those who just left the culinary schools.In a large establishment,this chef career may be in charge of food production for one kitchen.In a smaller operation,this chef career ensures that all food production workers are performing their duties as prescribed by the quality standards established by the Executive Chef.This chef career assumes all the duties of the Executive Chef in the Chef’s absence.

19. Chef Careers: Station Chef.

The station chef is the one in charge of a particular kitchen area such as the grill, the soups or the salads. This chef career works under the supervision of the executive chef of the sous chef to ascertain that the foods prepared and put out of the station has the highest level of appearance, taste and quality. Apart from that, a station chef is also required to work in a team.
The average salary of this chef career is $23,000, but it can still vary greatly depending on the benefits, experience, industry, location and company.

20. Chef Careers: Sushi Chef.

This chef career ought to have the ability to operate with the other stations from the cooking area specifically once the station chef of line cook is absent. The development of new dishes and helping when using the development with the menu can also be the a part of the accountability checklist of your sushi chef.Other tasks of this chef career is incorporate excellent sanitation and cleanliness while in the sushi station, capability to consider or deliver route, good community interaction and fantastic organizational and conversation expertise.

Other Chef Careers.

21. Chef Careers: Food Production Manager.

A food production manager is the one who produces high quality foods on a definite time or schedule. In order for this Chef Careers to perform his duties well, he needs to be aware of the needs of the customers. This Chef Careers also needs to manage and motivate crews on multiple shifts. Apart from that, this Chef Careers also needs to interact or to work with staffers in sales marketing to anticipate the demands for food products produced.

The average salary of this chef salary in the United States is $34,398. However, this can still vary depending on some factors such as location, state, experience and company as well.

22. Chef Careers: Private Club And Resort Manager.

A private club and resort manager oversees all the staff members of the resort, from the clerks in the front desk to janitorial services. This Chef Careers also performs the following duties: reviewing finances, overseeing the practices in hiring, holding meetings with the department heads of the facility, interacting with the guests and checking the supplies in the resort’s various sectors.

In accordance with PayScale, the average salary of this Chef Careers is $26,986 – $77,886.

23. Chef Careers: Institutional Food Service.

The institutional food service is the act of providing food and catering services to various institutions such as military, jails, hospitals, universities and schools.

24. Chef Careers: Contract Food Service.

A contract food service is an agreement between the provider of the meal and their clients as well. These clients can be private individuals, schools and public entities. Some contract food services are designed to provide assistance to the public in times of crisis while others cater for special events such as business conferences and weddings as well.

25. Chef Careers: Dietary Manager.

A dietary manager works under a dietician’s direction in supervising production, distribution, budgeting, purchasing, hiring and training the employees. This Chef Careers also perform assessment of the nutrition care plan’s efficiency, interview the clients regarding their diet histories, calculation and implementation of the diet plan and provision of counsel on the standard diet restrictions and food preparation as well.

In the United States, the average salary of a dietary manager is estimated around $42,800. However, this is still subject to variations depending on certain factors such as company, experience, license and state.

26. Chef Careers: Restaurant Owner.

A restaurant owner is responsible for supervising and running the restaurant. This is the reason why this Chef Careers is also the head manager. According to PayScale’s survey, the average annual salary of a restaurant owner as of 2010 was $40,493 to $98,967.

27. Chef Careers: Catering Director.

A catering director is the head of the catering service. This Chef Careers meets with the clients in order to know the needs and requirements of the event. This Chef Careers also helps in planning the food service, designing and serving the menu and cleaning up the event afterwards.

In accordance with, a catering director’s average salary in September 2009 was $50,000.

28. Chef Careers: Food and Beverage Director.

A food beverage director is responsible for purchasing the ingredients needed in creating the menu items which include the wine and spirits that the hotel serves. This position also requires hiring or terminating employees when required.

29. Chef Careers: Dining Room Manager.

A dining room manager is also called a food service manager or banquet manager. This Chef Careers ensures that the restaurant will be able to excellently serve the guests by simply overseeing the restaurant staff and planning the schedules as well. Other duties of this Chef Careers are monitoring budget, balancing books and training staff in the field of customer service as well.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of this Chef Careers as of May 2010 is $52,220.

30. Chef Careers: Sales For Restaurants And Hotels.

There are also products that are just specially produced for restaurants and hotels. These products pave the way for the establishment of the hotel or restaurant’s popularity. In order to make sure that the restaurant or hotel will be able to maintain its reputation, the staff must only choose the right supplier.

31. Chef Careers: Hotel General Manager.

The hotel manager is the one responsible for managing the hotel and its staff on a daily basis. This Chef Careers also has accountability for financial management and budgeting, planning, organizing and managing the services of the hotel which includes front-of-house, operations of food beverage and housekeeping as well.

The average salary of this chef career according to PayScale is $29,655 – $100,775.

32. Chef Careers: Hotel Front Office Manager.

The main duty of the hotel front office manager is to supervise the front desk’s duties. This Chef Careers is also a liaison for interdepartment communications that require a high level of leadership and communication skills as well. In the United States, the average salary of this Chef Careers is $41,803.

33. Chef Careers: Hotel Housekeeping Manager.

A hotel housekeeping manager is responsible for preparing a duty roster on a weekly basic and putting it into the system of the hotel. This Chef Careers is also responsible for recording and reporting any incident or accident to the duty manager.

34. Chef Careers: Hotel Rooms Division Manager.

The duty of the hotel rooms division manager includes overseeing the staff’s front desk members which include receptionists and booking clerks, monitoring the room allocation and coordinating reservationists, training and interviewing the new staff members and dealing with the complaints of the customers. The salary of the hotel rooms division manager depend on the hotel’s size, location and the manager’s experience. In accordance with Indeed, the average yearly salary of this professional as of May 2008 was 43,000USD.

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