Sauce Chef 199x300 Sauce ChefSauce Chef: The One That Every Head Chef Needs.

Chef – Everyone is following this word now these days. There are now so many types of chefs that you might never have heard of them before. A Sauce chef is one of them. If you do not know then let me tell you, that a sauce chef is the one that handles the stock and makes all kinds of sauces and glazes. If you want, be sauce chef then let me tell you that it is the highest position in the line chef positions but it is still under the head chef.

The Duties Of Sauce Chef.

Making sauces, gravies, stocks and glazes is not the only job of the Sauce Chef. Usually other than these, they have to make pasta types and soups of all kinds. In addition, as they are subordinate to the head chef of the restaurant, a Sauce Chef also makes the menus for the day and then they try to find out ways to make a recipe even better. They usually make a list of ingredients so that they could show the head chef the changes they have made. Sauce Chef has to make sure that he works under the proper hygienic conditions.

Education To Become A Sauce Chef.

Proper education form a culinary school is very important. This is because the post of Sauce Chef is rather higher than the rest of them. At least you have to have a bachelor’s degree in the related field.Other than that, you have to have a high school degree. In addition, you have to have a good experience in the related field. If you want to become a good Sauce Chef, you should have a degree from a respectable culinary school. You can choose from a four years program or a two years program, but if you want to be a successful Sauce Chef, you should go for the four years plan.

Salary For The Sauce Chef.

The salary is good, at the beginning they make as much as eighteen thousand dollars per annum. In some states of USA the pay of a Sauce Chef with the five year experience about fourteen thousand dollars per annum. As they have to work lunch shifts and dinner shifts, they have to work hard, and their salary rises after a time according to their work and their performance. As the time passes and you get the experience of ten years, your salary will be more than thirty five thousand dollars. Some states give more than forty five thousand dollars. Many of the chefs with high experience make more than one hundred thousand dollars per annum.

You can get all this if you work hard, because if you get training from a good culinary school you will get excellent training from highly professional teachers. You will be taught kitchen techniques and knife techniques to go with it. All you have to do is that take the education and training and mix it with your own style and you become a great Sauce Chef.

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